Monday, 27 October 2014

Day 27: A few lessons I've learned from my daughter

  • Elevators are magic boxes that transport you to a new place and deserve a high level of excitement every time.
  • No matter the weather or how rushed we are, the day can be greeted with "Wow, what a bootiful day!" when we step outside.
  • Going shopping in a trolley is a real treat!
  • If Mummy (or somebody else) is upset, then she will be too- what a heart of compassion and empathy!
  • Cuddles will solve most problems.
  • You need to know what every little noise is and be able to figure out what sound she is tuned in to when asked "What is that sound noise?" I don't know is not an acceptable answer.
Overall, I have learned to appreciate the simple things in life and to notice what I would normally miss in the rush of my standard pace. She is a blessing beyond words.


  1. Children do help us slow down and pay attention to the beauty--the ordinary beauty don't they?

    1. The definitely do if you allow it to happen. It is easy to try to keep rushing them or be consumed with to do lists and miss the incredible opportunity they bring.

  2. I always say that we, as Mums, learn so much more from them than they do from us...