Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Trying to reconcile everyday life with the overwhelming pain in the world

I'm not sure even where to start. Emotions have been in turmoil. Peace has been found. Heart has been shredded.

Plans for selling our house and moving have hit some roadblocks that we are still navigating. It took a couple of days to bring myself back to a place of trusting God that He has a plan in all of this and staying at peace. Throughout my disappointment, anger and warring emotions, I had flashes of guilt that I was so upset when I still have a roof over my head- a house that may be small by the standards that I measure by but is a palace compared to what millions are living in right at this moment. I fluctuate between guilt over what I've been feeling and the belief that my life is still important. How do I reconcile that?

In the midst of all of this I have read two posts that have shredded my heart and further put me in a state of turmoil over how to live my everyday life while there is so much wrong in this world.
My daughter is almost 4 years old. The thought of these children shatters me inside. This has long been an issue close to my heart. I long to be able to do something significant in the fight against human trafficking, most especially of children. I want to be part of preventing it, rescuing children and bringing them to restoration, to see them adopted into loving families if they no longer have one.


You need to read this post. More children and families having their lives ripped apart. The scope of the evil taking place around the world can seem crushing! I can't just take off and be there for these people. I don't have the financial means to donate much. I can pray. I can give small amounts that will join with others giving small amounts to produce large results. I can raise awareness with my words and stir others to pray, donate and raise awareness. Once you have read these words, it demands a reaction. What will yours be? Linked below are just two organisations on the front lines against human trafficking and in helping the families affected by ISIS. What can you give?


  1. Jo, these stories take our breath away and cause us to wake up in the middle of the night, sensing "a pea under our stack of cushy-ness" (i.e. the fairy tale), I get up and head to the bathroom and in my grogginess remember - there is a whole world agonizing at this very moment a whole world away. And yet in spirit and with Spirit I can draw near and cry out for them in a silent cry that will pierce the heavenlies and not for one moment arouse my sleeping hubs and four-footed Sam snug in our bed. Why them, Lord and not me? I learned a very long time ago from a wise man as we sat in an airport returning home from a mission trip to Cuba "that it is God who chooses who lives where." And, I find peace in that. Not complacency to do nothing, but peace for my stirring soul. Christ was moved with compassion - it is HIM IN US that should move us to the same. Selah xo

    1. So lovely to hear from a kindred spirit. If we do not view the world through the lens of who God is, it is too easy to get bogged down in the distress of the world. A lesson I must learn repeatedly it seems!