Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Embracing Rest Today

It has been an intense few days and I am physically and mentally exhausted. Emotionally and spiritually doing pretty well as everything I was doing was filling up those areas, although I will admit to some irritability and lack of patience thanks to the tiredness. I wrote about the steps I have been taking to increase my capacity to rest here. Today needs to be a rest day for me if I have any hope of having the capacity I need for the rest of the week.

These are my plans for getting rest today:
  • focusing on the bare essentials of housework and allowing myself to leave most of it for another day.
  • listening to the new albums from Bethel that I purchased- feeding my soul and spirit
  • spending time colouring in the Scripture Meditations book from Lorien Atwood, an activity that I can share with my daughter (although she has to colour her own books and is definitely not allowed to touch mine! Maybe I will try to earn some good mum points by printing her out a copy of the one I am working on)
  • not leaving our house for any errands or to see anyone- this introvert needs some space to recharge!
  • spending time writing
  • maybe do some gardening, planting the seeds that I got at the MOPS State Conference
  • reading a novel
I would LOVE to soak in a bath with a bath bomb that I have been hoarding but that would require a lot of effort to pack up and get us to my parents' house and then keep my daughter occupied!!

How do you plan to include rest in your day today?

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  1. Jo, this is the perfect post for me today! I wrote on RAINY DAYS today! I, too, am keeping a lower profile today. I shared with a friend that I am worn out from the daily writing, reading, commenting, etc. -- especially when coupled with life, in general. But, I am focusing on some rest today. It might not be a full day of rest. But, I am trusting God that it will be just the amount of time I need!! Thanks for your post!!

    1. I think we are all feeling it now! I hope you got that rest that you needed. My day wasn't quite as restful as I'd hoped but it was probably wishful thinking with a four year old around anyway!

  2. How wise you are to recognize your need for rest and that you have a plan to make that happen. I plan on taking some time in November to rest and recharge.

    Thanks for reminding me that there are simple things I can do that rests/recharges; like the coloring. I forget that I like doing that.

    1. I find it is the simple things that are often the most effective in my days. You should look up the Colouring in Truth Facebook page. AMAZING!

  3. It is so important to take time to rest. I think of these words from Scripture "Be still and know that I am God."

  4. Jo, I am feeling that same exhaustion - I am so worn out. Not sure what it is but it's "got me". That bath sound fabulous but we only have a shower!!!! Planning to vegetate starting at 7 p.m. tonight! I hope you get some rest too.

    1. I hope the vegetating was restoring. I got some rest although not as much as I was hoping for thanks to my four year old! I love baths but like you only have a shower. Hanging out for another opportunity to use my parents' one.