Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thankful Thursday

My mind is a wash of emotion, anxiety and a whirlwind of to dos and don't forgets! I am working on coming back to a place of peace and rest in the midst of it all with God's truth and promises, prayer and refocusing my attention. This is a constant battle throughout the day and night right now. Whenever I think I'm getting on top of it, something else crops up, like my daughter's nose getting increasingly snotty as the morning progresses. Tomorrow I fly to Melbourne for a long weekend of training in my position as a regional coordinator for MOPS Western Australia. My excitement is being drowned out by the anxiety and emotion right now. That is not God's best for me and I am determined to take the time I need in the midst of busyness today to zero in on what I am thankful for and fix my mind on the good and truth. Putting Philippians 4:8 into practice!

  • My husband has to be on top of my thankful list. He has released me to take on this position and to go to Melbourne. He has taken time off work to look after our daughter. He has put thought and planning into fun activities to fill up the weekend to distract her. I am so thankful that I can leave knowing that she is in such good care. 
  • My parents are also going to be a big part of this weekend to care for and love on my daughter. I'm not sure she'll even miss me much with everything she gets to experience this weekend.
  • New people in our connect group. I love the group of people that I get to do life with and meet with each fortnight to connect and talk about God things. We have been fairly unchanged in our group for a while and it was a joy to have two new couples join us and start to get to know them. This was made even more fun by realising that one of the couples is from Zimbabwe and our families are well connected!
  • My daughter's school and start of this year. She is thriving in this school. The staff are amazing. What an awesome start to her school career!
  • Encouragement in God's Word that comes through many sources in my days.
  • My little water baby being moved up to the next level where she can learn more and be challenged. Love watching her development.
  • Sense of the Resurrection helping me to bring the focus of Easter to Jesus and the lessons really sinking in this year.
  • Feathers falling around me during my morning quiet time with birds all around. Such sweet reminders of God with me (you can read more about why feathers mean so much to me here)
  • Giving myself the freedom not to do things perfectly.
What are you thankful for today? How does it change your outlook on your current season?

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Impact of the Sense of the Resurrection this year.

Easter is almost here! We are using "A Sense of the Resurrection" with my daughter in the lead up (read more here). She has loved (most) of the experiences and creating the flags thus far. I wasn't too sure how much was really sticking however. On Monday, I had a meeting with her teacher at Kindy to talk about how she has settled into school. They had been talking about Easter this week and Isabel volunteered the information that Easter was celebrating Jesus dying on the cross for us. She was the only kid in the class who knew that side of Easter (at least as far as came out in the discussion that day). The teacher was impressed and I was thrilled to hear that the investment we are making into her is paying dividends.

Want to see our journey so far this year? We are up to Day 8 out of the 12 activities. 

Day 1:

Day 2:
(Picture quality over the next few days wasn't great as I had to use an old phone with a not so great camera)

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Our Easter display:

(Under all the purple tissue is a coat and under all the feathers is a rooster heehee)

Day 7:

Day 8:

(She point blank refused to taste it!)

I have loved being on this journey with my girl. I also love that it is only 12 activities to fit in! There is still time to do most of them. If you want your own copy of this amazing ebook, click on the picture below (this contains an affiliate link which gives me a small percentage with no extra cost to you!)

Friday, 11 March 2016

The sweetness of shared moments (Five Minute Friday)

It has been a long time since I participated in Five Minute Friday and I have missed the way it spurs me to write and pulls different things out of me with its prompt words. If you don't know, Five Minute Friday gives you a prompt word and you set a timer for five minutes and write- no editing allowed. This is a challenge for me. Getting back into it today with the prompt word "share" so here we go....

Do you ever spend time with your child and have your breath stolen away by the sweetness of a moment? I have noticed that so often it is the shared moments that hold the greatest joy. The times spent colouring together and hearing her voice encouraging me on how beautiful my colouring is with such a genuine heart. The squeals of tickle fights on the bed. The snuggles when she draws close and reaches for her favourite security "blanky"- my hair. The spark of life and joy that flashes in her eyes as she looks at me in the middle of play. 
I get teary thinking of the day when these moments will be no more. My four year old gets bigger, older and more independent with each day. Until then, I treasure up these memories. It is a reminder to me to be on my phone less, to put less priority on my housework or to do list and be intentional in making opportunities to share moments. No amount of stuff will ever amount to the joy and love that abound in these precious seconds of time when the world stops for an instant and there is only her and me. 

Time's up!

(Don't forget that the Thankful Thursday link up is still live.)

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Thankful Thursday

A mixed bag this week! Family adventures, catching up with family members we haven't seen in forever and another bout of illness for my daughter. It is easy to think about what I am thankful for from the good days; it takes effort to notice the good in the hard days.
  • The scent of roses as I walk outside to take broken glass out to the bin.

  • Being able to put strategies into practice from the book I am reading for an online book club: "Fervent" by Priscilla Shirer. I have been in great need of those prayer strategies and have already seen the difference in my prayer life. Long may it last!

  • An unexpected quarantine sick day giving us extra time for Sense in the Resurrection. I'll share an update with pictures in a separate post soon.
  • Not one but two family adventures over the weekend, complete with my sister-in-law visiting from Broome. Great memories created. (You can find more pics and details on my Instagram.)

  • Coffee!!!!
What has your week looked like? Even on your tough days, there is always something that we can be thankful for, some good to see. I would love to have you join me in noticing the good this week either in the comments or in the link up below. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Thankful Thursday

In what seems to be an unusual situation of late, I am actually in a good head space to write about what I'm thankful for today. I woke up feeling so much better after battling a head cold, spent time outside with God watching a glorious sunrise and was able to get in a quick workout. Some days are easier to see the good!

  • Returning health- I take my health for granted so often. I am thankful for feeling so much better today and that I don't face significant ongoing health issues like many I know. (Sorry to my hubby for passing on my cold though!)
  • Grace for myself to get a little extra sleep in the mornings this past week instead of doing the myriad of things I try to fit in.
  • A productive week at work. I am actually feeling on top of things which hasn't happened in months.
  • Family catch ups with relatives we rarely get to see. Lots of laughter!
  • My replacement phone arriving (pick it up today) so that I can take photos easily again! (Hence the lack of pictures in this post which is usually full of them!)
  • The Project Life App finally releasing on Android. I have loved scrapbooking in the past and have done mostly digital in the last few years. I rarely get to sit and do it though. Having an app that I can put beautiful pages together quickly and easily on my phone is so exciting. I've been playing with it a little already and can see me doing a lot with this!

  • The incourage online book club starting up for the book "Fervent" by Priscilla Shirer. I'm already loving this book after only the first two chapters and sense this will have a big impact on my prayer life. I loved the War Room movie and this is a great follow on from that to apply those principles.

  • The start of Autumn- I love the crisp mornings and cooler nights for sleeping while enjoying warm balmy days.
What are you thankful for this week?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What I Learned in February

February has felt like a monumental month. Sitting down to reflect on what I have learned this month took me by surprise when I considered the changes and living that have been enclosed in such a short month. This sense may have something to do with the head cold fogging up my thinking power but that doesn't diminish the significance of this month!

  • When you have an only child (and don't plan on having any others), your daughter starting school is both for the first time and the last. I have the mix of emotions of first time parents and those watching their babies leave for school. 
  • Sitting outside for my morning quiet time is so refreshing to my soul. I get to watch the birds in our garden and soak in the peace of greenery and light breezes. 
  • Fuller House was a brilliant idea. So cheesy but so good! As a fan of Full House in my younger years, this transported me back to happy times and fond memories of friends. I may or may not have already watched all the episodes available.
  • The enemy's strategies against me tend to favour sleep deprivation and illness. If the first burst isn't effective, the hits keep coming. I am needing a very targeted prayer time for this to help me stay on track right now.
  • Colin Buchanan is an incredible entertainer. I had the opportunity to take my daughter to a live show and it was fabulous. I love that his music is helping instil Biblical truth in my daughter.
  • Just when I am ready to give in to discouragement when it comes to my writing, I have friends and family that jump in to spur me on. To make it even sweeter, God sent some other writers to join in on that boost to my persistence with writing. 
  • Prayer is the area that God is wanting me to focus on in this next season. When the same message comes through so many different avenues, I pay attention. I am looking forward to diving in to the book "Fervent" for an online book club.
There are so many other things that just don't have words right now. 
What were your takeaway lessons from February?

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