Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Discovering vision for where I lead

When I first wrote this idea down on my plan for this series, I purposely left it until the last week. It made me nervous as I was doubting my ability to carry this part of my new role. In my mind, I have always just followed the vision set by others. I knew that I would be preparing to share a vision for next year with my team at the end of October and hoped that I would have something to write about at this point in the month. Thankfully, I was right!

Preparing for the team retreat, I spent time with God seeking His heart for MOPS in Western Australia. For me in Christian ministry, this is where vision begins. God came through. Fragments of thought from previous weeks and months consolidated. He dropped a phrase into my heart that encompassed what is needed in the coming season. I wouldn't have received this answer if I hadn't created the space to listen. If you are struggling to set a vision, maybe you need to do more listening and sitting in God's presence.

Through this process, I recognised that my fear about the responsibility of setting vision was unfounded. I have sought and set the vision for areas I've been responsible for and for my own life without attaching that label to it. I also realised that my part of the equation is making space for God to speak and using the observation and discernment skills he has already placed within me. He is the one who sets the vision. I need only hear it and communicate it.

As I reflected on times in the past where I have used this process without realising it, I had an epiphany that I frequently sense seasons that are ahead for myself or for areas I lead in. Vision is wrapped up in this concept of seasons for me. Vision will likely look differently to you. We are all wired in unique ways and connect with and hear from God in different ways as well.

Having a vision is one thing. Developing strategies to see this vision come to life is key. While I have some ideas on this, I recognise that I need my team around me to flesh this out. It is a vision for our ministry and it will be our strategies and combined ideas that will work this out. This requires me communicating that vision to them. The next post in this series will discuss communicating vision to others.

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  1. I cannot wait to hear the vision. Reading your thoughts this series is 100% confirmation that you are the right leader for the next season of MOPS WA. Honoured to walk beside you

    1. Thanks friend. I am honoured to walk this journey with you too!