Monday, 24 October 2016

Empowering those you have influence over

One of the aspects of my role in MOPS that I have loved exploring and developing is calling other women into leadership. When I think of the highlights from the past year, some of the standout moments have been when women that I see leadership within step up despite their fears. I love that the journey I have been on of confronting feelings of inadequacy and wrestling with taking on a label of a leader is producing fruit in the lives of others. I am able to encourage and share from an authentic heart as I know what that is like. What a privilege to be able to speak and pray into someone else's journey.

A huge part of my heart and vision for this next season of my own leadership journey is empowering others. For our ministry to flourish and grow to another level, we need more leaders operating in their full capacity. We need a diversity of leaders all bringing their unique personalities and gifts. I cannot do it all and nor should I. The Biblical model is a body of diverse parts that work together. We miss out  on so much when people choose to let fear or busyness keep them from leadership. In saying this, I understand and completely agree with the women I speak to who decide that a leadership position is not a “best yes” for that time. I wonder, though, if some of them say no because they doubt their capacity or fail to recognise their own calling.

I found in my own life and see in others that the season of being a mother of young children is a time when it is easy to lose yourself and feel unable to lead or be part of anything. So much of your capacity is taken up by the everyday relentlessness of children’s needs. I know that I experienced feeling stuck and frustrated. MOPS gave me that opportunity to step up even in my more limited capacity. I found that my capacity grew as I took those steps. I long to encourage other women feeling the same. I see so much potential in the women I meet in MOPS. The battle is often getting them to see it for themselves. I have experienced the significance of others calling out the leadership they saw in me by inviting me to join and articulating the reasons why. I want to do the same for others.

I don't have a formula for how to do this. I wish it was a simple process. Relationship is often key. Repeated opportunities to speak encouragement, share my own journey, extend invitations and walk alongside someone build up to the moment when they can say yes. It will look different with each person. For me, this has to be guided by God. The times when I have seen this process succeed is when it was first seeded in my heart during times of prayer and hanging out in God's presence. Prayer covers each step. There is trust involved. They have to trust that you will walk with them and support them in their leadership journey. I want to be a leader that others can trust to do this.

I have a sense of anticipation in my heart to see how God brings together teams, builds into existing leaders and propels them forward over the next year.

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