Saturday, 22 October 2016

My people are essential to my leadership

The more responsibility I take on in leadership, the more I value the close friendships and family I have. Their encouragement, prayers and practical help keep me going. They challenge me when I need to be challenged. They bring correction. They celebrate with me and cheer me on. It takes effort and intentional choice to invest in these relationships when it would be easier to bury myself in everything on my to-do list. I need to remember how much I need them.

I love that I have people I can message when I'm having a bad day and ask them to pray. They can do the same. They are my people, my tribe, my community. They keep me grounded and in touch. They enable me to get tasks done while my daughter is loved on and entertained. They believe in me when I am struggling to believe in myself.

When I reflect on all that they do for me, it is impossible to imagine being in leadership without them. This is what drives me to keep building these relationships. I am far from perfect in this. I fail as a friend frequently. I get lost in my own introverted world. They forgive me and love me anyway. I cannot thank them enough.

How often do you invest in friendships and in your family? Have you let relationships slide as you step up in leadership? Who in your life is cheering you on, encouraging you, pushing you to improve? Have you thanked them recently? May we be the kind of leaders who see the value in our tribe and invest in that. May we be the kind of friends who do this vital role for others. 

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