Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Taking over from a different personality

A large part of the wrestle I had with accepting that my personality would not stop me from being an effective leader has been because of the difference in personality that I am taking over from (see yesterday's post for more on that wrestle). I have the daunting privilege of taking over from someone who has been in the role for over 10 years and was the first State Coordinator for MOPS in our state. Her leadership has been the only example that I have seen in this role. 

I cannot lead in the same way that she has due to our very different natures and life circumstances. My initial reaction was to wonder how it could work differently. I still don't have a full picture of what these differences will look like over time. I have started to step back and try to analyse what has been working well that I would like to emulate and what changes could be made. I sense a new season is needed for MOPS in our state. 

The next challenge I face after resolving this wrestle in my own mind is how to help the people I lead to adjust to new ways of doing things. For some, that may be an easy change. For others, it may be uncomfortable. I intend to use my strengths of connecting with people and sharing my heart to ease this process. At this point, all I have are ideas and intentions. As I walk through the next few months, the test will be as I implement these ideas. The only part of the process that I can control is me. I can focus on developing my own leadership skills and building relationships. The rest will be up to those I am in ministry with and God. You can guarantee that prayer is a considerable part of my strategy!

I would love to hear your experiences of leading in a different way to a predecessor. 

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  1. I think taking over from a completely different personality is in some ways easier than taking over from a very similar one. I feel like there's less expectation from the outside. In a work role my staff saw me as young and enthusiastic and immediately put me in the same category as a previous boss from years ago. That was actually to my benefit but they had to learn that I was a little bit more headstrong! Ha!

    The great thing about different styles of leaders is that it can bring out different aspects of the organisation and the people in it.