Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thankful Thursday

Thursday comes around quickly each week. I use Thursdays as my reminder to stop in the midst of busy weeks and take stock of the good things in my week. What am I thankful for right now in this week? During my series on Stepping up in leadership, I am also reflecting on the elements of my leadership journey that I am grateful for.

  • I am thankful to have so much access to resources that grow my leadership skills. Books, videos, podcasts- there are so many ways to learn from the wisdom and experience of great leaders that have blazed the trail before me.
  • A huge highlight of this week was the opportunity to spend time at my daughter's school as a parent helper. I can't believe that it is already her last term of kindy and that she will be in full-time school next year. It makes the time I spent watching her interacting with friends and sharing her favourite activities with me all the more precious.

A photo posted by @jokoepke on

A photo posted by @jokoepke on

  • The countdown is on until our new church campus opens. On the weekend, we spent time there as a family working on the gardens and play area with other volunteers from our church and even some from the neighbourhood. I love being part of a church that has a vision of being a community centre focused on connecting with people in the local area. I love being a part of founding a new campus of our church. I am also very thankful that we had such beautiful spring weather for the afternoon of gardening after a blustery cold day the day before.

  •  I am so thankful that I said yes to the Write 31 Days challenge this year. I have had confirmation after confirmation that this series is exactly what I am supposed to be writing on right now. I love that my words are connecting with the hearts of those I know in real life and those around the internet. I am energised in my writing and still have so much in my heart to pour into this series. It has clarified what I want the purpose of this blog to be and given me the base of my first ebook (stay tuned for that in the hopefully near future!!) 
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