Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thankful Thursday

It seems unbelievable that we are at the last Thankful Thursday for October. This month has stretched me and felt full without being overwhelming. I am thankful for that. It has had the potential to be stressful and crush me with its weight. The busyness has meant that I am neglecting to notice the good in my every day, though. I sat to write my list for this week and have had to really think to come up with a specific rather than generic gratitude list. Maybe your week has been similar in its fullness. Have you stopped to search out the good in your past week?

  • I am frequently in awe watching my daughter learn and develop. I took her to a park to ride her bike and she astounded me with her progress in such a short time. The bike is still a little big for her and yet she is riding so proficiently (with some wobbles, of course). She is growing before my very eyes. I get teary thinking of how quickly she is growing up.
  • My gorgeous nephew had a birthday on the weekend. I love spending time with my family celebrating. My daughter loved exploring a new park. I am thankful for family. I am thankful that I live in a country that values nature and creative play spaces for children.

  • This time of year brings Operation Christmas Child packing. I have loved seeing my daughter understand more each year about what we are doing. She loves choosing presents to put in the box and send to children who don't have the same privileges that she does. I love her heart for wanting to bless them. It is also a highlight of my teaching year. I always leave class budget to take my students shopping to fill a box. I love seeing them getting more and more involved in choosing what they will buy and discussing the benefits of different choices. These are students who struggle being in shopping centres, who may have difficulty interacting with their classmates, who face considerable challenges in their own lives. What a privilege to get to give them the opportunity to bless others and grow a little themselves in the process.

  • As much as I have loved writing this series, I am also thankful that it drawing to a close. Posting daily is a challenge. I have learned so much and have fresh vision for my writing moving forward. More on that on the last day of October!
I love hearing what you are thankful for through the comments or linking up your own posts. I encourage you to stop and take stock of your week. Notice the good.

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