Friday, 11 November 2016

Common thread: Five Minute Friday

Have you ever experienced that phenomena where every day a common thread seems to run through the messages that you get? I have been experiencing this for the past few weeks. Almost everyday, through podcasts, sermons, social media images, a candle made for me by a friend, I have found the verses from Matthew 11:28-30. The message of resting in God and learning the unforced rhythms of grace has been a resounding boom. It has seemed strange for this to be the common thread of late. This is an area that God has been dealing with me about for years and I feel that I am in a good place in many ways. I carve out time for myself, explore the ways I am most restored in rest and have been spending more time in deeper relationship with God learning to draw strength from Him not rely on myself. And yet, here I am with the verses brought to my attention in a hundred little ways. It makes me nervous in a way as it feels like I am being reminded of this in preparation for challenges to come. It makes sense in many ways as I take on the full role of MOPS State Coordinator and the added responsibilities of this. I pray that these reminders will force the lesson deep within me for those days when I need it most.

This post was written as part of Five Minute Friday on the prompt word "common". The challenge is to write unedited for five minutes on the prompt and join the community of writers doing this each week.