31 Days 2015

The Write 31 Days challenge has begun! This challenge was the catalyst to this blog beginning last year and I am excited to participate again this year.

I plan to have a post up for each day of October reflecting on the journey I have been on for the past 18 months (and more) of God increasing my capacity. Each post will be linked down below or you can click on the label "Write 31 Days 2015" at the bottom of any of them.

Day 1: My Journey of Increasing Capacity:Write 31 Days 2015 begins

Day 2: Capacity for Leadership

Day 3: Capacity for Hearing God

Day 4: Sunday Scripture

Day 5: Capacity for Rest

Day 6: Capacity for Parenting

Day 7: Capacity blocker: disorganised

Day 8: Thankful Thursday

Day 9: Capacity blocker: overcrowded schedule

Day 10: Capacity blocker: technology

Day 11: Sunday Scripture

Day 12: Inspiration Monday: Favourite Podcasts

Day 13: Capacity blocker: Identity source

Day 14: Seeing God in my everyday

Day 15: Thankful Thursday and a giveaway!

Day 16: Looking back at my one word for the year

Day 17: What does my house have to do with capacity?

Day 18: Sunday Scripture

Day 19: Inspiration Monday: books

Day 20: Increasing capacity by going smaller

Day 21: Letting go of a role

Day 22: Thankful Thursday

Day 23: What I've Learned from MOPS Leadership

Day 24: "Be You Bravely"- reflecting on the impact of this theme on my capacity

Day 25: Sunday Scripture

Day 26: Inspiration Monday: My Community

Day 27: Embracing Rest Today

Day 28: Soaking in His Presence

Day 29: Thankful Thursday

Day 30: My Capacity as a Writer

Day 31: My Ongoing Journey